private law

- Department Establishment correlated with faculty opening since 2014

- • Achievement of the Gezira University goals to serve the society.
- • Effective participation in achievement and dedicates of the justice and right values to motivate human rights to go hand in hand with the scientific development of Private law fields.
- • Prepare a qualified graduates in the level of Bachelor of law.
- • Developing students’ skills and the vocational abilities through integrating the practical training with theoretical preparation and qualifying, to enable them practicing the different legal occupations in the future.
- • Acquiring students knowledge, skills, and job techniques in the field of international arbitration with its different patterns and specializations.


"We are intend the highest , continuous and distinguish excellence in teaching the syllabus of the Islamic jurisprudence with comparing to the law, scientific researchers and community service"

private law


"- Effective participation in achievement , dedicating the justice and right values - Enforcement of the Sudanese rights in general and with special focus for the Gezira State population - Award the degree Bachelor, distance learning and postgraduate studies."

private law

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