Public Law

- Department Establishment correlated with faculty opening since 2014

- • Achievement of the Gezira University goals to serve the society.
- • Prepare a qualified graduates in the level of Bachelor of law.
- • Practically and scientifically preparing of students to practice the legal occupations on the international level through the cooperate with regional and international organizations, with legal systems, political systems and governments.
- • Acquiring knowledge, skills and work techniques in the field of international arbitration with its different types and specialization
- • Qualifying students in some of the legal fields which related to the Gezira states and its neighborhoods so as to enable them participating the state and community development and solve its problems.


"We are intend the highest , continuous and distinguish excellence in teaching the syllabus of the Islamic jurisprudence with comparing to the law, scientific researchers and community service"

Public Law


"- Effective participation in achievement , dedicating the justice and right values - Enforcement of the Sudanese rights in general and with special focus for the Gezira State population - Award the degree Bachelor, distance learning and postgraduate studies."

Public Law

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