About the Faculty

The faculty located in Gezira State – Greater Wad Medani Locality – Abuhraz Campus (The Fourth University of Gezira) which includes (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, Faculty of forest Science and Technology) The Faculty of law established as per the decision no (156) for the year 2014, issued by the Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research dated 14/7/2014. The first one who built the opinion of the faculty Prof. Ismael Hassan Hussein, the formal President of the Gezira University, who form a committee aimed at performing a study about establishing the faculty of law, Heading by Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Alhassan Shannan. In the year 2013, President of Gezira University Prof. Mohammed Warrag, a committee, their mission to prepare the faculty syllabus, Headding by Dr. Arrasheed Alawad Mohamed. They held a workshop at Shuhada' Hall (University of Gezira) dated 20 May, 2013. The faculty receipt the first batch (37) with a planned Number of (150) students, in the following year 2015, receipt Batch (38) with planned number of (200) students, then the third batch in 2016 (39) with planned number of (200) students. The faculty granted the honour bachelor degree in Law and the postgraduate diploma, Master and Ph.D in Law. The faculty included three departments: - Public Law. - Private Law. - Islamic Jurisprudence.


We are intend the highest , continuous and distinguish excellence in teaching the syllabus of the Islamic jurisprudence with comparing to the law, scientific researchers and community service


- Effective participation in achievement , dedicating the justice and right values - Enforcement of the Sudanese rights in general and with special focus for the Gezira State population - Award the degree Bachelor, distance learning and postgraduate studies.

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