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• Distant Learning

Admission requirements:

1- Obtaining Sudanese Certificate or equivalent, satisfied the conditions of higher education admission office in the year when the certificate is obtained.
2- Certificate should passed two or more years (original and a copy) is attached.
3- Succeeding in the qualified courses for the certain faculty.
4- A copy form the national record certificate.
5- Preparing two recent photos.
6- Payment of the fees of the submission form.
Centers of submission: Administration of Further and Distant Learning – University Admin- Neshasheeba.

The study period:

Four studying years

Degree conferred:

The university represent by the senate grant the degree of Bachelor in Law (Distant Learning) for the students who obtains accumulate grade of (2.00) and above after completing the syllabus of the fours studying years successfully.

Semester: - 1

Course NameHoursCourse code
Introduction to law3LAW 101
Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence2LAW 102
Constitutional law (1)3LAW 103
Islamic Criminal Jurisprudence2LAW 204
General Criminal law3LAW 105
Sources of Islamic Knowledge and Goals of Islamic Sharia2UIS 106
English (1)2UEN 108
Basics of Computer2UCS 109

Semester: - 2

Course NameHoursCourse code
Law of Contract3LAW 201
Private Criminal Law2LAW 202
Law of Criminal Procedure (1)2LAW 203
Administrative Law2LAW 204
Law of Civil Procedure (Suit)3LAW 205
Public International Law2LAW 206
Jurisprudence2LAW 407
Islamic Family Law2LAW 208

Semester: - 3

Course NameHoursCourse code
Law of Evidence2LAW 301
Law of Civil Procedure (The Appeal and Excution)3LAW 302
Intellectual Propertyand of Land2LAW 303
Law of Tort2LAW 304
Arbitration Law2LAW 305
Labor Law2LAW 307
Islamic Civil Transactions2LAW 308
NominalContracts2LAW 309
Legal Research Methodology2LAW 310

Semester: - 4

Course NameHoursCourse code
Law of Criminal Procedure (2)2LAW 203
Professional Ethics2LAW 402
Law of Information Technology2LAW 403
Agricultural Law2LAW 404
Environmental Law2LAW 405
Private International Law2LAW 406
Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence3LAW 407
International Humanitarian Law2LAW 408
Commercial Law2LAW 409
Graduation Project2LAW 410

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