Academic Programs - Postgraduate

Master's degree in public law only search

Admission requirements:

1- Candidate obtained Bsc. In Law or ( Law and Share’a) with at least honour Division Two upper , in addition to not less than two years experience in the specialization.
2- BSc. In Law or( Law and Share’a) with grade Division Two – lower degree (honour).
3- BSc. In Law or ( Law and Share’a)with the second honour degree (division two) at least in addition to an experience at least four years.
4- BSc. In Law or ( Law and Share’a) in addition to postgraduate Diploma or Preparatory of Master in addition to a field experience not less than three years.

The study period:

Degree conferred:

o The Senate will grant the Master degree by research only in Public Law after research passing and requirement compliment.

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